Saturday, August 15, 2009

Good Eats The Early Years: Production Photos

Thanks to Kerry and Claire from Abrams Books, I have some pre-production and manufacturing photos of Alton's new book to share with you!  The publisher has posted some great sketches by Alton himself that were used as concepts for the final illustrations as well as some pictures of the pages rolling down the factory line.  The factory is only an hour or so drive from my house; closer to me than Alton is likely to be for any book signings.  *sigh*  I'm really looking forward to AB's new book; especially since this one focuses on Good Eats and not just cooking.

Follow this link to the pictures!


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Erin Sleme said...

haha "gucose." I had that page as my desktop for a little while. I think it's cute for some reason.