Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Poll and Alton Brown Article

First off, there's a great article in the Saturday Evening Post about Alton Brown and Good Eats.  Short but sweet, look for the links to his eggplant pasta and moo-less chocolate cake at the end of the article.  Thanks to Lisa at the All About Alton blog for the heads up.

OK, now on to the Monday Poll!  According to last week's poll it would appear that roughly half of Alton's fans live in the eastern half of the United States.  That's not to say people all over the world do not appreciate AB.  In fact, looking at my blog's statistics for the past week, there have been visitors here from every continent except Antartica!  Alton has fans from far off places like Finland, Malaysia, Argentina, and Iran!  I guess we can move his status up to International Superstar now :-)

On to this week's poll!  OK, I'm in the middle of painting my kitchen and living room right now, and trying to keep my toddler out of trouble, so y'all get a lame poll this week:

Coca-Cola or Pepsi?  Yeah, it's easy, but I've seen a few heated debates on this simple topic.  It'd be interesting to know if Alton, after being transplanted from Georgia and back again, clings to his local Coke roots.


Mise En Place said...

I'll give a big thumbs up for the Mooless Chocolate pie!

As for your poll, so apropos you mention Coke v Pepsi. Just returning from Georgia, land of Coca-Cola, I loved being able to find it everywhere! And Coke Zero at the fountains!

One SAHD Dude said...

Personally I'm a Mountain Dew addict, but Coke or Cherry Coke are my backups.

Mise En Place said...


As to the AB coke question... I think I may have the answer.

He had 2 bottles of Diet Coke at the post show event on his table. I fancy him a Coca-Cola man ;)

Anonymous said...

If you don't know Jones you don't know real cola

Lauren said...

No "Both" option? ;)

I can't decide. :)

Erin Sleme said...

I usually prefer coke, but pepsi isn't bad. every so often I'll choose pepsi over coke if I'm in the mood for it I guess.