Thursday, August 27, 2009

Next Iron Chef: Don't Mess with Alton Brown

Don't mess with Alton Brown!  He looks ready to kick some butt in this Next Iron Chef promo :-)

I've recently rediscovered Iron Chef myself.  After running across the original Japanese version during late night channel surfing, I decided to give Iron Chef America another go.  When ICA first launched I wasn't all that impressed.  It seemed a little too forced and not as exciting as the original.  Of course, anything was better than the failed William Shatner attempt!  So, I watched a few more recent episodes and have to say it has come a long way.  The Kitchen Stadium action is more fluid and Alton is on top of his game now.  I guess they all jsut needed a bit of practice to meld thigns together.  The same could be said for Good Eats.  If you watch an early episode you can really see how far Alton has come as a TV host.


Mise En Place said...

He looks darn scary in the promo... like serial killer scary ;)

Shaina said...

Got to say that I do love watching Alton Brown. He may be goofy, but he's entertaining!