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Wayback Wednesday: More Alton Brown Rants & Raves

This is a great post and seriously needs a good follow up now that Alton Brown has 13 seasons under his belt.  What are Alton's favorite and least favorite Good Eats episodes?  Well, he lists them for the first six seasons.  Props to Mike Menn's Good Eats Fanpage from AB himself in there too.

From the internet archive Wayback Machine:
Friday, January 31, 2003
  The Best of “Eats” The Worst of “Eats”

After asking me if W is my wife (no) and if that’s my house (no) and is that really my sister (are you kidding?), the question I’m asked most is: what’s your favorite Good Eats episode? The next question is almost always: what’s your least favorite Good Eats episode. I usually stand slack-jawed until the inquisitor gives up and walks away.

Then the other day I started wondering…what are my favorite episodes? And which ones just plain stink, stank, stunk?

To answer this I first had to find an actual list of all the Good Eats episodes. Since I don’t actually have one, I did what any sane, informed person would do and logged into Mike Menninger’s super-fine Good Eats site which not only lists all the episodes alphabetically but by season as well. I decided to choose a favorite and a least favorite from each season. It was tough because…well, they’re all my kids if you know what I mean, but here’s where I stand….

Season 1
Love: The Dough Also Rises
Not so much: Use Your Noodle

Season 2
Love: True Brew
Not so much: For Whom The Cheese Melts

Season 3
Love: Flap Jack Do It Again
Not so much: Mission Poachable

Season 4
Love: Bulb Of The Night
Not so much: Fry Hard II

Season 5
Love: Crepe Expectations
Not so much: Scrap Iron Chef

Season 6
Love: Good Milk Gone Bad
Not so much: Strawberry Sky

Specials: I love them Both but I have to say that as a film maker, Down And Out In Paradise is the most fun I’ve ever had.

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