Saturday, January 9, 2010

Alton Brown on Best Thing I Ever Ate

Well, I missed it.  Never even thought to look at the show listing after the Live and Let Diet episode, but Alton Brown was on Best Thing I Ever Ate last night.  For those of you Feasting on Asphalt fans, you'll remember one of his first stops at Jack's Cosmic Dogs near Charleston, SC.  In fact, I was alerted to his latest appearance by an article from a Charleston news station, Live 5.  According to owner Jack Hurley, Alton's recommendation has led to a lot of new business, "There will be two or three folks every day because Alton Brown -- he recommended it."  Here's the full Live 5 article on Jack's Cosmic Dogs.  I'll definitely have to stop by there when I visit Charleston again this Spring.

This episode of Best Thing I Ever Ate is scheduled to re-air on Tuesday night at 9:30est for all of you, like myself, who missed out.

P.S.  Remember the scene of him running potatoes through the slicer?  Yeah, he claims to have given french fries up.  We'll see how long that lasts since he has a slicer at home :-)

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