Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Good Eats Episodes on the Table

Just a reminder of what Alton Brown has in store for us with Good Eats.  That is, whenever Food Network gets around to airing them.  As you can see, AB hasn't fallen off the yummy food wagon despite his change of personal eating habits.

Good Drinks - aka Raising the Bar Again - Margarita and Bloody Mary, may air Jan 25th
Chicken and Dumplings
Weight Loss - been there already
Catfish and Hush puppies - I love hush puppies almost as much as I love shrimp!
Salty and Sweet

I've been looking forward to a curry episode ever since the segment on the first season Feasting on Asphalt DVD (didn't make it to aired version).  The crew stopped by a little hotel, in Georgia I believe, and the family who ran the operation invited them in for a curry soup/drink.  AB said it was one of the best things he had ever tasted and couldn't replicate it when he got home.


Erin Sleme said...

Hush puppies! That is very exciting.

J. Benjamin said...

The Salty & Sweet episode sounds like it's going to be good. MMM!

SaraCVT said...

Tonight, after I ate my dinner of tacos from the local taco stand (which I guess qualify as fast food, even if they are handmade and, oh so yummy) and eating probably too many of my own homemade snickerdoodles, I made a comment to my husband that I never thought I'd say. I said, "Alton Brown would be disappointed in me. But Alton Brown can go suck eggs. Except he doesn't eat them anymore."

But I do.

Scott Alberts said...

Catfish! How could that have gotten undone for so long? That'll be GREAT (unless for some reason construction of a separate facility in the yard is required), and fits the "sustainable" theme started with the Tilapia & cheaper seafood show.