Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Good Eats on the Way

Alton Brown will be kicking off season 14 of Good Eats in a few weeks featuring more outdoor grilling!  Grilled chicken is something that has taken a lot of practice for me, so I'll be watching to hear what Alton has to say on  the topic.  Grilled pizza also sounds interesting, though there is the slight 'I wonder if he's going to over-complicate this one' though in the back of my head.  Eggs Benedict; never had it, but maybe I'll have to try it now.

Here's the current list from Food Network's site.  They're not always 100% on the ball there with dates and times, so I'll keep you informed if anything changes.

Grillus Domesticus: Grilled chicken
Airs June 3rd

Little Big Lunch: Eggs Benedict
Airs June 17th

Flat is Beautiful V: Grilled pizza
Airs June 24th

Paper-mâché Chicken says, "Grill some more!"


Alex said...

You should certainly try eggs Benedict--it's my favorite breakfast food. It's a pain to make at home though (poaching eggs and making hollandaise sauce), so I usually just get it when I go out for brunch.

Anonymous said...

I recently saw a show on Good Eats with Alton Brown on Welsh Rarebit. The episode was listed as "Toast Modern." It featured a Single slice digital toaster (black) that I'm interested in purchasing. Can you tell me the manufacture & model #? I know the show is old (2003), but perhaps someone on the show knows the mfg & model type (even though in may no longer be made in that model).

Thank you,
John MacLaughlin

One SAHD Dude said...

Toast Modern is on again tonight at 11pm. I set it to record and I'll see if I can identify the toaster. Speaking of, I need to find a new toaster myself!