Friday, November 19, 2010

Alton Brown, Pumpkin Pie, and South Park

I don't know if I enjoyed this week's episode of South Park or Good Eats better.  I haven't watched South Park in years, actually didn't know it was still running, but they did an awesome job this week in taking on several Food Network hosts.  Much to my delight, Alton Brown was first and foremost on their minds, with everyone from Bobby Flay to Paula Deen in the mix.  Alton actually appeared in both his Good Eats and Iron Chef personas, which really makes me think they spent some time watching FN or are already fans for GE.  You can find the South Park episode here, it is definitely an adult theme, but done tastefully enough for SP.  Warning, food shows will never be the same after you watch this one :-)

On to the pumpkin show!  The entertainment was kind of lame, with cast members playing Ben Franklin et al. at less than the usual standard, but the knowledge and cooking segments were spot on.  As I had mentioned previously, October would have been better timing for pumpkin season, but at least here in the Midwest you can easily find some decent varieties around.  I'm hoping to test one either the soup or pie recipe next week.

Things have been a little hectic lately with the surprising loss of my favorite pet and other family events. so bear with me.  I did make a batch of Alton's oatmeal cookies last week, which was a success.  The one thing I'd change right off is to drop the granulated sugar by at lest an ounce since it overpowers the other flavors.  I'll get some pics and a full review up soon.  Really :-)

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Jason in MO said...

I think my local grocery store realizes how many local Good Eats fans there are. I went to the store Thursday and found Pie Pumpkins on display for $2 each. I was worried I wouldn't be able to find a pie pumpkin as well but maybe they've always been there and I just never looked before.