Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Good Eats Thursday: Pumpkin Pie

Reminder! The Good  Eats pumpkin pie episode will air Thursday night!  Alton's going all out and making the pumpkin puree from scratch.  Should be interesting to see if it's worth the trouble instead of getting it from a can.  The soup is going to be interesting and definitely something you will only see on Good Eats.  My only beef with Alton on this episode is that it's a month late for most of us to pick up a fresh local pumpkin; something he feels strongly about.  My guess is that FN thought this episode would tie in nicely with all the Thanksgiving shows this week and next.

Food Network actually has the recipes posted already:
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin puree
Whole pumpkin pie soup

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Anonymous said...

Fresh is definitely better than canned. Trust me. I usually spend a good chunk of time each fall putting enough puree in the freezer to last me a year. Never enough. I always run out and resort to cans..not as good at all.