Monday, December 6, 2010

New Good Eats Episodes in Production

On Alton Brown's website is a list of upcoming Good Eats episodes in production!  Looks like a nice mix of comfort classics and healthy dishes.

Pantry Raid - Chickpeas
Chicken Pot Pie
Fish Stew
Devil's Food/Red Velvet Cake
Bread Pudding
Dinner Rolls
Pantry Raid - Asian Noodles


Anonymous said...

Awesome, maybe AB and I have a connection, or he just read my post on facebook from a few months ago, let's see if he does hummus and falafel as I had suggested

Anonymous said...

I love your website! Great recipes! Thanks for sharing such yummy ideas.

Queen Tae said...

I will be sure to save your website and try these wonderful eating ideas. God bless.