Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Alton Brown gives Twitter a Second Chance

After storming off in a huff and leaving his fans high and dry on Twitter, Alton Brown appeared out of nowhere today to give Twitter, and perhaps other social media, a second chance.  Alton started off with,"Within a week I will not only reinfect twitter but appear miraculously on another social site as well. Watch the skies!"  As to other what other social site he mentions we'll have to wait and see. He is already on Google+, so that's two to keep up with now.  As for Facebook, I can already predict a swift departure like what we saw with Twitter.

While I enjoyed Alton's previous posts on Twitter, it was a bit of a pain when he departed last time since I was flooded with messages on Twitter and email about why he left.  I really hope he sticks it out this time.  I also hope he keeps up with the posts on his own website since we get a lot more interesting information there.

You can follow Alton on Twitter : @AltonBrown, or my postings there  @AltonBrownNews

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