Saturday, August 27, 2011

Interview with Alton Brown: Good Eats wrap up, future projects, etc.

Hi all, sorry I've been away for a while.  Lots of family activities, new carpet, a business trip, a car hit-and-run (no worries), and even a garage sale wedged in there. *whew!*

I just read a wonderful interview by Rodney Ho with Access Atlanta regarding Alton Brown's wrap up of Good Eats and some of his upcoming projects with Food Network.  There's some really good information in there, such as a new FN series on food history, an e-book project AB is working on, and even mention of some of our favorite GE characters returning for the Thanksgiving special. Enjoy!

Alton has several upcoming book signings coinciding with the release of the final volume of the Good Eats trilogyYou can find dates and locations listed on his site here.

Speaking of Alton's site; AB has been publishing some greats posts in his Notebook section.  As most of you know, there was some fallout on Twitter recently and AB has quit.  It was fun for a while to see AB's train of thoughts and what he is up to, but in there end I think keeping to his own site has produced better content despite losing contact with his fans. I won't get into the gossip there. *update* Darcy was so kind as to let me know Alton is posting regularly on Google+ now.

Once school kicks off after Labor Day I'll start putting together some more info with the book signings and other appearances Alton has been, and will be, making around the country.

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Darcy@SomewhatMuddledMusings. said...

FYI - he's also on GooglePlus now - and while it's not like it was on Twitter, he's posting more there than on the blog.

You can use this link to sign up

(I get no compensation - but right now, it's still a by invite only kind of thing til they go fully public with it)

oneSAHDdude said...

Thanks Darcy! I've been meaning to check out Google+; didn't realize they had a posting function. I'll have to catch up with Alton's posts.