Monday, August 1, 2011

New Good Eats Special: Right on Q

One of the final Good Eats episodes will be airing this Saturday at 8:00pm.  Right on Q is an hour long special featuring smoked pork.  Really looking forward to this one!

A couple more updates in the world of Alton Brown:

Alton has been posting quite regularly on Twitter.  @altonbrown  I still am keeping up the @altonbrownnews ID for posting events and info; plus AB has nearly quit Twitter once already.  We'll see how things pan out in the coming months.

Alton Brown's website has undergone a makeover.  It's not 100% complete, but it's about damn time for a refresher.  He does have a 'notebook' section, but the site is really lacking in fan info, such as book tours, speaking engagements, new shows, etc.  It's looking like I may need to get back to updating this site and Twitter more often.

If you are still enjoying this site and want me to continue posting from time to time please feel free to drop a comment.  I know there is still a lot of traffic, especially on older recipe review posts, so I do feel somewhat guilty for not pushing forward as the regular Good Eats series retired.

As always, thanks for stopping by,


Anonymous said...

Yes, PLease update as often as possible. AB's promise to blog "several times per week" is not happening and it looks as though he's quit twitter again since someone was impersonating his wife and pirated a picture of him and his family.

I like your site much better than that "other" fan site out there.

Skitch76 said...

Yes, I still like the updates here. Please keep them up if you can! Excited for the new Good Eats on Saturday. I'll have to check my DVR and make sure it's picking it up.

Dustin Godfrey said...

I am a huge fan of this show, have been for a long time. I recently picked up a copy of Good Eats: The Early Years and starting going through and cooking everyone from start to finish. I even started blogging about every episode as i cooked my way through, I would like if the Good Eats followers gave it a look and see how they felt about it.

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Anonymous said...

wondering if "RIGHT ON Q " will be televised again? I missed it!!!

Where can I watch it?

Thanks for the info!