Saturday, January 12, 2013

Alton Brown Meets Up with Anthony Bourdain on The Layover

Alton Brown will be meeting up with Anthony Bourdain for a new episode of The Layover in Atlanta. The new show will be airing Monday night on the Travel Channel at 9PM. Finally, the two ABs meet! Even better, they meet up with a stripper; not something I'd picture Alton doing but definitely up Bourdain's alley. This should be interesting to see how their personalities mesh, or don't mesh. Also interested to see if they''l just be shooting the breeze or actually talking food. I have respect for both since they got to this point through their own hard work.

During his 36 hours in the ATL, Tony meets up with Alton Brown, has a drink with a legendary stripper, takes down a plate of BBQ and cruises the city in a muscle car. Here are a few more preview pictures on the Travel Channel website.

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Sue Crawford said...

I am looking forwad to your new episode of The Layover in Atlanta. TERRY LEE'S SPECIALTIES @