Saturday, May 25, 2013

Alton Brown Live: Edible Inevitable Tour

Alton is hitting the road again, but this time it will be a much larger production.  Alton's Edible Inevitable Tour promises to feature comedy and music as well as cooking. It is billed as an international tour, but so far only US dates have been announced,  The good news: there are already 35 dates listed!  Check here for the current list of cities and venues. The tour kicks off in October and stretches into 2014 so far.

I'm excited.  I haven't seen AB in a couple years and haven't really been following his ventures as a FoodNetwork personality lately. Between the tour, which has three stops relatively near me in Michigan, and his upcoming podcasts I'll have a reason to be an Alton Brown fan once more.


Anonymous said...

I hope you get to see him. He won't be coming close enough to me. I miss his Good Eats show, I don't care for the Food Network stuff he's doing now, it just seems phony to me. And i don't think Alton is phony.

Admin said...

I have to agree with you there. I was watching Cutthroat Kitchen last night for the first time and made me wish even more that Alton would get back behind the camera to direct something more interesting than yet another reality/contest show; or even host something better. I have always thought Feasting on Asphalt was one of the best travel/history series and would love to see Alton pick up a camera and get back on his bike.

As for catching his tour, I'll have to see since it is Halloween weekend which will already be busy around here.