Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Good Eats Episode: If It Ain't Broccoli, Don't Fix It

Alton Brown cooks up some broccoli dishes Monday night at 8pm EST in the latest Good Eats episode: "If It Ain't Broccoli, Don't Fix It." Fresh, steamed, and roasted will be the preparation themes. Sadly, the Steel Lotus does not seem to be utilized in the steaming process.

In case you missed it, Apple of My Pie airs again Monday night at 11PM and the broccoli episode will run again at 3AM Tuesday morning. I need to watch the Apple Pie show again since I was busy doing things around the house while watching. From what i saw it looked like a good episode and a sound recipe/baking method; except I was a bit bewildered by his complaining about the traditional spices and then watching him pull out the grains of paradise. What?!


Anonymous said...

Did one of the little factoids seriously say microwaving broccoli strips it of a frightening amount of its' nutrients? What? boiling, I get, but microwaving? How?? Say it ain't so....

Tablebread said...

Anon - I was just about to say that to!!! It said that it takes away 74 - 98 percent of the antioxidants!!! Wow, that pretty much kills it purpose. Amazing.
I liked how he sliced it with a mandolin - I will definitely try that!