Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Poll: How do you like your turkey?

OK Alton fans, Turkey Day is coming up fast.  My question for you today is: How do you like your turkey?  Fried, roasted, etc.?  Vote away!

Also, has anyone attempted to make an Alton Brown Turkey Derrick?  I'd love to see some pictures or hear your stories.

And those Good Eats pocket pies I made the other day?  Delicious!  The crust is great.  The typical Michigan Cornish style pasties I'm familiar with tend to have a softer, but dryer, crust.  AB's version had a little more of the flakiness of a pie dough, but was still soft and pliable like a biscuit dough.  Good job Alton!  Being that I only have three cherry pies left, I need to think up some new fillings.  I'll take any suggestions.  I took some action shots while making the pies.  I'll have to post them soon!


JoeViturbo said...

Love the Design, Alton is a genius. Just took the quiz and realized I was in the "other" category. We cook our turkey on a Weber grill, outdoors, in Ohio. Sometimes, if it's an exceptionally cold and windy day, it can take a while.

Cari said...

What about turkey leftovers? Hot Brown, anyone?