Friday, November 13, 2009

ThinkGeek Waffle Iron Cookies

I received a Tweet from a little while ago asking why Alton Brown isn't on Twitter.  I get this a lot on my @altonbrownnews account; at least a couple times per week.  Well, it makes perfect sense that he would be on Twitter, being the scientific pop-culture junkie way in which he presents himself.  In fact, he used to post to his personal website, but then there was a flood of internet garbage that flowed in when he had asked for submissions for refrigerator artwork.  Here's his final post if you're interested.  This may have turned him off before the big social media explosion, but I still hold out hope that he will return.  If anything, his posts were great and it opened a little window into the mind of Alton Brown that few of us get to experience.  Anyhow, onto the cookies!

A few adventurous souls over at ThinkGeek tested out prepackaged cookie dough with a waffle iron.  Surprisingly, it looks like it turned out well.  Enjoy the video!  Good Eats fans will recognize the cut scene sweep sound effect.  I also noticed they are using an iPhone timer app like AB switched to recently.


Anonymous said...

In quite a few of the blogger interviews I read after the Austin book signing last month, AB expressed his disdain for the social media revolution..and wants to stay far away it seems.

Frosty TheBeerMan said...

It would be really great if somebody could tell us what app Alton is using... I saw him using it yesterday, and it's a really nice app, full screen, no extra junk. However, trying to find that app is basically impossible with 1,000 timers apps on the iTunes app store.

thank for any info !


Anonymous said...

It's this app.

In the show they removed the bar at the top digitally.