Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Alton Brown Updates

I know, I've been neglecting my blog lately; especially with all the new Good Eats episodes out.  Fear not, I am getting ready to test out some of the new recipes applications this week.  First up are the oatmeal cookies and squash frittata, then I might backtrack to the old butternut squash soup recipe.  I'm thinking about finding a good nutrition calculator out there on the Net and plugging in Alton's recipes to get a rough idea where things fall in line.  My curiosity was piqued by his version of oatmeal cookies with the homemade oat flour; how will that one compare to other recipes.  I have also noticed that a lot of traffic still comes in regarding the Live and Let Diet episode, so there are definitely some people who might be interested in knowing the nutrition info for Good Eats recipes.

In other kitchen news...I had to replace my toaster.  I was dumbfounded by how difficult it is to find a good toaster that is not stainless steel and doesn't cost $300.  I ended up with a hot rod red Bodum Bistro toaster. It's easy to clean, unlike all the stainless in my kitchen, and most importantly it makes great toast.  It's the perfect breakfast companion for my Tassimo coffee maker, though sadly that wasn't available in red :-(

What's Alton Up to this month?  Lots!  Yet another new Good Eats episode is coming up next Thursday (Nov. 18th.) covering one of my favorite desserts, pumpkin pie!  There's at least one more episode due out for season 14: Egg Files VII: Meringue.  Food Network has been shifting the Good Eats schedule around lately, so make sure to check your local times.  I'm getting new GE eps on Thursday @ 7:30pm now!  What?

Alton is appearing at the Fabulous Food Show in Cleveland this weekend.  And for the kid in all of us, Alton Brown will be on Sesame Street Nov. 26th and riding along on the Tom Turkey float in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

I'll get some GE recipe reviews up as soon as I do a trial run and maybe talk about some other good things I've been cooking up over the past couple of weeks!

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Leslie said...

I made the oatmeal cookies a few days after Oat Cuisine II aired. That application is a keeper for me! (and I left out the optional raisins.)